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CANdle HAT  is a  device specifically designed to interact with MD80 drives using USB, SPI, and UART communication interfaces. 


• User-friendly C++, Python, ROS, and ROS2 APIs. 

• USB, SPI, or UART interface on the host side

• Update rates of up to 1kHz (SPI bus, Raspberry PI, 3 x MD80)

• Easy integration with single-board computers (Raspberry Pi) for maximum update rates 

• Galvanic isolation up to 1kV

• Two 6-pin Molex Micro fit connector for easy daisy chaining 

• USB-C or 20x2 header (SPI/UART) connectors on the host side 

• Up to 12 MD80 actuators 


For more details please refer to the MD80 x CANdle manual


You can find Md80 x CANdle - Getting Started Tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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