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High Torque Density Actuator (brushless motor + harmonic reducer + MD80 controller + absolute output encoder)

This is an example configuration - all parameters might be customized upon contact.
The price for higher quantities is significantly lower, and different for other configurations.


• Voltage: 12-48 VDC 

• Mass: 0.54 kg
• Small size: fi73x62mm

• Torque: 15/32  Nm (rated / peak)

• Max speed: 66  [rpm] 

• High-quality 1:50 harmonic reducer (strain wave gearing)

• Highly Integrated compact design
• High strength, and stiff cross-roller output bearing

• Easy Configuration with CANdle and CANdle HAT - Plug and Play

• 14-bit Absolute Encoder on the motor site (0,002deg output pos accuracy with noises included)
• Additional built-in MAB Robotics absolute output encoder to determine the absolute position of the output shaft after startup. Integrated RLS 17-20-bit absolute rotary encoder on the output shaft as an option.
•  CAN-FD or CANopen Interface

• ROS / ROS2 drivers , C++ / Python libraries

• IP67 - dust&waterptroof case

• Integrated temperature sensor
• Daisy chain electrical connectors

• Accuracy <1.5, repeatability <-/+0.1 [arcmin]

• Electromagnetic brake as an option


Detailed documentation and 3D models are available upon contact.
Customization of the actuator is possible - in terms od different torque/speed/size etc.


For more information check out our MD80 x CANdle manual and our Github page


If you are looking for something different that isn't available on our website, don't hesitate to contact us! We are not afraid of challenges :)

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