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We have more than five years of experience in delivering custom solutions to our clients.

Feel free to contact us regarding you custom solution.

Ultra light robotic arm

Ultra light robotic arm for demanding enviroments. Five custom, IP67-rated actuators with additional encoder on the output shaft. 

GAN motor controller


High performance, brushless motor controller based on GAN technology transistors

10kW brushless motor controller


High power brushless motor controller with an external encoder module.

IP67-rated brushless actuator


IP-67 rated actuator designed in compliance with customer specification. Based on MD80 controller.

Power distribution board

Advanced power distribution board able to handle large capacitive loads. Voltage, current, temperature readings as well as CAN communication. 

cr_board v2_nologo_edited.png
Mobile robot controller

Custom wheeled robot controller with multiple peripheral outputs. All external I/O ports galvanically isolated for improved robustness.  

Robot controller HAT module

Galvanically isolated, four channel SPI<>CAN bus converter in form of an UP-Board add on module.

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