CANdle (MAB Robotics USB-to-CAN DongLE) is a USB device specifically designed to interact with md80 drives.

It comes with a Linux driver software, taking care of all communication between CANdle and md80’s and between host PC and CANdle. The CANdle driver features user-friendly C++, Python, ROS and ROS2 APIs.


CANdle features a USB High-Speed (2.0) interface at the host side and FDCAN 12Mbps capable communication module  at the FDCAN side.

The interface bridging the host and FDCAN side, is galvanically isolated up to 1kV. 

The FDCAN side features two standard 6-pin connectors, compliant with md80 connectors. The PC side has a standard USB-C connector.

More information, documentation, and additional software are available on GitHub: CANdle

You can find Md80 x CANdle - Getting Started Tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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