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We specialize in developing brushless motor controllers and complete custom actuator systems. Our goal is to provide a plug-and-play solution to speed up the development of your product.
Designed for mobile robotics, easy to integrate anywhere.

MD80 x CANdle Ecosystem Hardware


one PC or SBC

To control MD80 actuators you will need a regular PC or SBC (such as Raspberry PI). This master controller communicates with CANdle using USB, SPI or UART bus.


CANdle (CAN + dongle) is a translator device between the master device and the MD80 controllers. It translates the master messages to CANFD bus.


up to 16 MD80 actuators

MD80 is an integrated brushless motor controller used in every MAB actuator. It communicates with CANdle using CANFD bus.

MD80 x CANdle Ecosystem Software 

The MD80 x CANdle software can be divided into a few components. All of them are based on a common base - the CANdle C++ library. 

CANdle C++

CANdle C++ library is the heart of the ecosystem on the master side. It takes care of all actions connected to communication and provides API for higher level software

Python library

CANdle Python library is the equivalent of C++ library, just translated to Python using pybind. If you're into Python this is our recommendation!

CANdle ROS/ROS2 library




CANdle ROS/ROS2 library can be used to control MD80 actuators using topics and services

mdtool - terminal config tool

MDTOOL is a small terminal app that can be used to quickly setup your MD80 drives. Just a few simple commands and you're done with the setup!

Still thirsty for more? 

Check out our MD80 x CANdle manual:

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