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AK10-30 CubeMars T-Motor

AK10-30 CubeMars T-Motor

Robot Dynamics Quasi Direct Drive Actuator (BLDC motor and planetary gears)

• Highly integrated
• Long life time

• Applied to Exoskeleton, Quadruped Robotic Dog, ROV, UGV, AGV, drone, indoor/outdoor mobile robot/platform/transporter

• UART CAN Interface


This motor weighs only 1100g, and is as thin as 68mm.

The motor combines with efficiency and dynamics.


Ensures low noise operation, strong power.

  • Lower cogging torque

  • Smooth running

  • High resolution

  • High precision control with 0.005°


Motor combines with planetary gear solution and uses a 30:1 reduction ratio.

Backlash: 9 arcmin (0.015°)


Plug and Play

Traditional wires are replaced with connectors, which makes installation easier.. 


The motor provides:

  • Single loop absolute encoder 12 or 14 BIT. 

  • Integrated actuator

  • 24-48V power supply


Example applications:

  • Legged robot

  • Exoskeleton

  • Cobot arm


MAB Robotics is the official CubeMars and T-Motor distributor in the European Union EU. We are located in Poland, Poznań and we provide all necessary European vat invoice documents for our customers


If you are looking for other T-Motor or CubeMars products that aren't available on our website, don't hesitate to contact us!

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