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MD20 v1.0 - highly integrated brushless motor controller from MAB Robotics.

The MD motor controller is designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile robotics, offering exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. This makes it a perfect choice for demanding applications, both for research and development prototypes and series-produced robots. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the MD integrates seamlessly with the CANdle device during prototyping, enabling quick and easy testing and refinement of ideas. As you transition to production, the MD serves as a robust standalone solution, equipped with all the necessary features and capabilities to elevate your project to the next level.


The MD20 is currently available for preorder at a discounted price, with the first delivery planned before the end of Q3 2024.


• Voltage: up to 48VDC 

• Peak motor current: 20A

• Size: ∅35 mm

• Mass:  6g

• Interface: FDCAN up to 8 Mbps

• Software FDCAN termination control

• Auxiliary connector for external on-axis and off-axis ring encoders
• Auxiliary connector for brake/limit switch

• Perfect for robotics, especially mobile platforms:  legged robots, exoskeletons, ROV, UGV, AGV, drones, wheeled platforms, and cobots.

• Easy Configuration with CANdle and CANdle HAT - Plug, and Play with ROS / ROS2 drivers, and C++ / Python libraries

• Motion modes: position and velocity (PID + profile), impedance (PD), torque (PI)

• Onboard 14-bit Absolute Encoder 

• Setup include: MD80 + Connection Cable + encoder magnet 



Find more in the documentation.

MD20 v1.0 motor controller

€169.00 Regular Price
€149.00Sale Price

Before you place an order, please read Frequently Asked Questions.

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