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MD80 V2.1 motor controller

MD80 V2.1 motor controller

MD80 V2.0 is the second revision of our integrated brushless motor controller. It's even more capable than before - up to 48V operation with peak current of 80A, minimized cogging torque and almost silent operation thanks to improved measurements and power stage. External encoder capability and software controlled CAN-FD termination.
The MD80 V2.0 is specifically designed to meet the needs of mobile robotics. This new motor controller delivers maximum performance, energy-efficiency and reliability, making it an ideal solution for demanding applications. It is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to program and adjust the settings as needed. During the prototyping phase, the MD80 can work seamlessly with the CANdle device, providing a quick and easy way to test and refine your ideas. Once you're ready to move to production, the MD80 can be used as a standalone solution, with all the features and capabilities you need to take your project to the next level.


• Voltage: up to 48V DC 

• Peak motor current: 80 A

• Size: ∅55 mm

• Mass: 30g

• Interface: FDCAN up to 8 Mbps

• Software FDCAN termination control

• Auxiliary connector for external on-axis and off-axis ring encoders

• Main applications: quadrupedal and legged robots, exoskeletons, ROV, UGV, drone, indoor mobile robots, wheeled platforms, and cobots.

• Easy Configuration with CANdle and CANdle HAT - Plug, and Play

• Motion modes: position, velocity, impedance

• Onboard 14-bit Absolute Encoder 

• ROS / ROS2 drivers

• C++ / Python libraries

• Single cable (crimped on both ends) and encoder magnet included



We are able to integrate the MD80 controller with any motor of your choice and deliver a ready-to-use actuator. Please contact us before purchase for more details.


Specific documentation and 3D models are available upon contact.

You can find more in the MD80 x CANdle manualGithub page and YouTube tutorials.


If you are looking for something different that isn't available on our website, don't hesitate to contact us! We are not afraid of challenges :)

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