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Robot Dynamics Direct Drive Actuator (BLDC motor)

• Voltage: 48V

• Peak torque: 16Nm

• Flexible Adaptation to Various Structural Designs

• High Full Slot Rate

• Great for Exoskeletons, Cobots, Quadruped robots

• Light weight and compact size


The electromagnetic part boosts the torque and power density by 25%.


The frameless inner-rotor provides stable power output while maintaining high efficiency across multiple torque ranges.


The motor comes with an integrated Hall and temperature sensors.


The core yoke is 30% thinner comparing to previous RI Series models, while it maintains the magnetic density and fits in compact installations in embedded devices and collaborative robots.


The motor performs well even in high temperatures exceeding 150°C.


RI115-PH CubeMars T-Motor


Before you place an order, please read Frequently Asked Questions.

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