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BLDC Direct Drive Motor

R100 CubeMars T-Motor

SKU: R100_426.90

Robot Dynamics Direct Drive Actuator (BLDC motor)


• Integrated with hall sensors, E-deg120±20°

• Special heat dissipation design

• Low cogging torque&rotor inertia

• Max torque 11Nm


Integrated hall sensor for control precision.

Electrical angle accuracy deviation +/- 10°


Special heat dissipation design. The ultra-thin base and high thermal conductivity silicone pad provide better heat dissipation


Specially designed holes allow you to install your own gear.


Plug and Play

Traditional wires are replaced with connectors, which makes installation easier.


High quality, Strong power

Higher torque (2.3-11Nm), more stable, special for heavy-load legged robots.


MAB Robotics is the official CubeMars and T-Motor distributor in the European Union EU. We are located in Poland, Poznań and we provide all necessary European vat invoice documents for our customers


If you are looking for other T-Motor or CubeMars products that aren't available on our website, don't hesitate to contact us!

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