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T-Motor electronic speed controller - the best solution for your drone!


MAB Robotics is the official CubeMars and T-Motor distributor in the European Union EU. We are located in Poland, Poznań and we provide all necessary European VAT invoice documents for our customers.


X-Standard is an arm set series for industrial drones with motors, FOC ESCs and X carbon propellers integrated into one. Sine wave (FOC) electronic speed controllers are default match, since their intelligent algorithm allows for the efficient, accurate and stable motor control, which meets the requirements for various applications.


• Turn-key system, perfect compatibility, superb cost performance

• Modularized propulsion system

• Built-in LED light for better maneuverability

• Convenient installation free of complicated mounting processes

• High RPM, high efficiency and strong power owing to X carbon polymer folding prop series


The standard delivery time for the product is two weeks after the payment.

If you are looking for other T-Motor or CubeMars products that aren't available on our website, don't hesitate to contact us!

505-X Combo Pack (Integrated Propulsion System) UAV T-Motor


Before you place an order, please read Frequently Asked Questions.

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Legal note: We are a company registered in Poland. MAB Robotics Sp. z o.o. NIP(VAT): PL7822870297 REGON: 38440292700000; Share capital: 7950 zł

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