MDU8 MAB Robotics


Drive Actuator (BLDC motor + MAB driver board)


• Voltage: 24 VDC 

• Weight: 0.3 kg

• Torque: 1/2  Nm (rated / peak)

• Max speed: 4500 [rpm] (const torque)

• Highly Integrated Module

• BLDC motor and Controller in One

• High Torque, Lower cogging torque, Smooth running

• Applied to Exoskeleton, Quadruped Robotic Dog, ROV, UGV, drone, indoor/outdoor mobile robot/platform/transporter

• Easy Configuration with MAB Canalizator, Plug, and Play

• 14Bit Encoder & CAN-FD Interface

• ROS / ROS2 drivers

• c++ / python libraries

• set of wires included



Specific documentation and 3D models are available upon contact.


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