MD80 motor controller

MD80 motor controller

MD80 - a compact and reliable brushless motor driver. We offer the integration of MD80 controller with a motor of your choice.

• Power: Motors up to 750 W

• Voltage: 24V DC

• Peak motor current: 40 A

• Size: ∅60 mm

• Weight: 30g

• Interface: FDCAN up to 8 Mbps

• Main applications: quadrupedal robots, exoskeletons, ROV, UGV, drone, indoor mobile robots

• Easy Configuration with MAB Canalizator, Plug, and Play

• 14Bit Absolute Encoder 

• ROS / ROS2 drivers

• c++ / python libraries

• set of wires included


MD80 integrated controller is only available with a brushless motor of your choice. We integrate the motor with the driver and deliver a ready-to-use actuator. Please contact us before purchase for more details.


Specific documentation and 3D models are available upon contact.


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